Web programming course – May 31st

May 5, 2021

Following our successful year, we are open for a new web programming courses for 2021

The course starts May 31st

Register before May 28th ( Click on the link below):


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The course consists of three parts for three months:

Basic Front-End program: 

– You will learn to program in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

– The JavaScript algorithms will be explained

– Extra online workshops are offered in LinkedIn, Job interview- ing and SCRUM Framework

– Extra tutoring in English Language is available

– You will learn to work with Slack, Trello and Github

– Working with JavaScript libraries such as: jQuery, Bootstrap.

– You will learn how to work with WordPress

Advance Front-End program:

– Understanding Object oriented language in Javascript

– Working with advance JavaScript

– Diving into Reactjs library.

Back-end and database program:

– Learning back-end with Nodejs and Express.

– Understanding SQL language and dive into NoSQL database with MangoDB

– Connecting Front-end with Back-end with REST-full API

– Building full stack application with MERN Stack.

For whom?

– For people who live in Rotterdam.

– Those who want to improve their prospects for perspective

How does it work?

– The course consists of three parts, each part of the course lasts 4-5 weeks

– There is a lesson in programming every workday

– Following the lesson, you continue on your own using the provided teaching materials – Your teacher is available every day to answer questions about the material

– Once a week there’s an extra workshop and tutoring in English language

– Every week you will be tested on about the skills learned

– After finishing the courses you can program Full Stack MERN Application

What do we expect from you?

– Motivation, ability to research, and the intention to persevere – Affinity with IT and software development

– Availability for 4 to 6 hours a day

– You have a laptop and WIFI connection

– Basic English language skills

– Registration with CV and motivation letter

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